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An illustration of a stained glass window depicting a lady knight. 2011

I lost my voice to the sea wishing for what can never be

Two mermaids in a romantic embrace

Three modern day goblins with flashlights explore an abandoned underground tunnel. 2014

A monster trying to pretend to be human with text: Can someone tell me how to be a people? I cannot figure it out. 2013

A hand reaches for an apple while the text says: I don't believe in perfection - and yet, I still strive in vain to reach it. 2013

In a patterned, victorian-esque room, a person comes in to discover a note and a necklace on an empty chair.

a fake cover of the Wizard Of Oz, depicting Dorothy and Toto on the yellow brick road. 2014

Glinda, Good Witch of the South, on her ruby throne.

Three flapper gorgons show their feelings to a police officer as they drive by with bags of money in the back seat of their car

Three children explore an entrance to a cave, excited by their surroundings and the animals in it


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