Zoe Maxine
+ Your Face +
Canzine, 2014
Two women sit on a couch. TEXT: YOUR FACE
Short haired lady: This the level you were talking about? Long haired lady (pointing): Yes! It's the prettiest thing I've ever seen!
Short haired lady (pointing exaggeratedly to long haired lady): Your FACE is the prettiest thing I've ever seen!
The two women sit on the couch in silence as they realize the implications
Delightedly, the long haired woman asks the blushing short haired woman: You really think so?
The short haired women continues to blush and clutch her face and says: Yeah, I mean, look at you - you're gorgeous! And so nice and fashionable...
The long haired lady hugs the other woman excitedly. Long hair: Oh my GOSH! You're so CUTE when you blush! Short hair: Your FACE is so cute when you blush. Long hair: I love you! Short: I love you too
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